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Judy Weiser, R.Psych., A.T.R., Director, PhotoTherapy Centre

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"Judy Weiser is developing an interesting and useful way of using photography for stimulation of personal growth. I think it holds great promise for therapeutic purposes." -- Virginia Satir, D.S.S., June 26, 1984

     "Judy  Weiser is a real pioneer in this field and one of the best teachers and therapists in the entire world.  Her book is a must for any psychotherapist wanting to use photographs in therapy and contains a number of very useful guidelines and suggestions for our work. I myself, being an experienced psychotherapist and psychiatrist was very much helped by reading her book." -- Pro. Rodolfo de Bernart, M.D., Psych.; Direttore, Istituto di Terapia Familiare di Firenze; Profession of Family Therapy an Psychiatry, faculty of Medicine, Universitites of Siena and Florence, Italy (April 10, 2012)



       "We live in a world of photographic images, and it is time to engage them psychologically. Judy Weiser's wide-ranging ideas and methods will expand and deepen the creative arts professions." -- Shaun McNiff, Provost of Endicott College, and President-Elect of the American Art Therapy Association


       "Fills a tremendous gap in the literature... Therapists, psychologists, mental health professionals, educators, and expressive arts therapists will find this book an invaluable resource." -- Cathy Malchiodi, Director of the Institute for the Arts & Health, and Faculty, Lesley University and Philips Graduate Institute




       "A valuable addition for therapists of all mental health disciplines. An innovative and fascinating modality for therapy. Weiser's writing style is engaging as she presents case examples that are clinically sound" -- Helen Landgarten, Professor Emeritus, Loyola Marymount University, and author of Family Art Psychotherapy: A Clinical Guide and Casebook

       "A thorough, exciting, and most necessary book for all mental health professionals who wish to expand their helping repertoires... Lucidly brings to light both the theory and practice of PhotoTherapy techniques, and demonstrates the latent power of photographic images to help and heal." -- David Krauss, Ph.D., Psychologist and Co-Editor of PhotoTherapy in Mental Health


"This book opened me up to a new world, where photos can be helpful in therapy. I am studying to be a counselor, and I also have a passion for photography. This book explains how using photos in therapy has nothing to do with beautiful pictures, but rather what has meaning for your clients in their therapy. It is a book that would be welcomed by all therapist." -- Anne Mcneil, Therapy student



       PhotoTherapy Techniques: Exploring the Secrets of Personal Snapshots and Family Albums is the most comprehensive introduction to the field of PhotoTherapy available (and is also a great alternative to taking an introductory training workshop!).

       Written by psychologist, art therapist, consultant, instructor, trainer, and PhotoTherapy pioneer Judy Weiser, this book explains and demonstrates each of the major techniques, and provides theoretical rationale from both psychology and art therapy contexts. It also includes many photo-illustrated client examples, case transcripts, and practical experiential "starter" exercises so that readers can immediately begin using these techniques in their own practice.

        PhotoTherapy Techniques has been reviewed in more than a dozen professional mental health journals and numerous public-media articles, generated a lot of positive feedback from readers, and is used as a text for several university courses. It is now also available in both Italian and Korean translations (more details below).

"Book-plus-Test" CEU's: Psychologists, social workers, counselors, marriage and family therapists, and other mental health professionals who need yearly professional Continuing Education "CEU" credits in order to maintain their professional licenses, can use this book (plus an accompanying test) for this purpose, through a U.S. Continuing Education Provider, "Affect-Plus" (click here and then select "PhotoTherapy" from their menu on the left side of that page).


       • Unfortunately, this book has also been plagiarized! (see two cases below):

  1) Click here to read the about the "Settlement Agreement" regarding the lawsuit in Italy against Dr. Eduardo Giusti for "substantially deriving over 90% of 'his' book" directly (often word-for-word, page after page) from Weiser's". This case ended successfully (along with a signed apology letter!) on January 26, 2006! (Clicka qui per Italiano

    [For additional details about this case, see the message "thread" that begins here on the "PhotoTherapy Discussion Group" page of this site; to read that same message in Italian, click here].
                -- and --

  2) Click here to read about portions plagiarized by Rosy Martin* in her Chapter in the 1997 book "Feminist Approaches to Art Therapy" (published by Routledge; edited by Susan Hogan). [*Note: This is not the same person as the U.K. artist Rosie Martin]

To read the First Chapter of this book (no cost), click here for a 777KB download (Adobe Acrobat is needed for viewing).

To read the Foreword to the second edition of this book (no cost), click here for a 104KB download.

To read the Preface of this book (no cost), click here for a 950KB download.

To view the Table of Contents of this book in more detail than the simple list below (no cost), click here for a 64KB download.

• To submit your own review or comments about the book, send these to the PhotoTherapy Centre.

• To request a review copy of this book, contact the Publisher directly.

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      Now in its third printing (and with a new "Foreword"), the paperback second edition (1999) of PhotoTherapy Techniques costs $36.95 U.S. or $38.95 Canadian (or £21.99 GBP), PLUS shipping and handling costs (which will of course vary, depending on location shipped to).

       Individual orders can now be placed directly with the Distributors below, as well as through online booksellers. (Click here to order from Amazon)

Wholesaler and Booksellers orders can be placed through the usual channels (such as Ingram, Baker & Taylor, etc.) -- or via the "Direct Distributors" listed below.

       Should you encounter any problems with ordering, please email or phone the PhotoTherapy Centre directly (604-689-9709), and you will be helped immediately.

Italian Translation now available:

  FotoTerapia: Tecniche e strumenti per la clinica e gli interventi sul campo* ("PhotoTherapy: Techniques and tools for the clinic and interventions for fieldwork"); Rome, Italy: FrancoAngeli Publishers.  [*NOTE: This title corrects the accidental title error printed in the first few copies sold].

Now available in both paper and e-book versions
(for more information, or to order, click here).


        For the Korean translation click here   
           to see Hakjisa Publishers' webpage for this book.

Distributor for North America

Caversham Booksellers is the North American Distributor (and ship world-wide) -- they accept credit card orders (and ship world-wide). Click here or phone them toll-free, at: 1-800-361-6120 (or locally to: 416-944-0962). The cost is $38.95 Canadian dollars (or USD$ 36.95), plus shipping and handling charges.

• Distributor for U.K. and Europe (as well as for other countries where shipping from England will be cheaper than from North America):

"Karnac Books": £ 21.99 -- click here [if no price shows, refresh the page in your Browser and it will appear] -- or fax to: +44 (0)20-8969-5585 (or email or phone their direct "phone order line": +44 (0)20-8969-4454 -- please note that this is not a toll-free number).

* Please note: When placing orders, it might help to refer to the book's "ISBN number": 0-9685619-O-X


Table of Contents:

      1. Photographs as Therapeutic Tools 5. Seeing Other Perspectives: Examining Photographs of Clients Taken by Others
2. The Five Techniques of PhotoTherapy 6. Metaphors of Self-Construction: Reflecting on Photographs Taken or Collected by Clients
3. The Projective Process: Using Photographic Images to Explore Client Perceptions, Values, and Expectations 7. Photo-Systems: Reviewing Family Albums and Photo-Biographical Collections
4. Working with Self-Portraits: Understanding the Images Clients Make of Themselves 8. Using PhotoTherapy to Promote Healing and Personal Growth

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Professional Reviews:

FROM: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association; Autumn 1995, 12:3, pp. 200-201:

       "PhotoTherapy Techniques is a long-awaited and much needed text... Weiser's anecdotes are clinically sound and very moving... Her book reads as an informative journal full with rich examples of applications. This book is what its title promises: an exploration of the secrets of personal snapshots and family albums... The recommended readings are very timely and appropriate. This book affords everybody the opportunity to, as Jung once said, trust that which has meaning".

-- Julia G. Byers, M.A., A.T.R., Art Therapy Department, Concordia University (now Director of Expressive Therapy Masters Program, Lesley University)


FROM: American Psychological Association Division of Psychology & the Arts Newsletter; Summer 1994, p.24:

       "The book is well written, readily accessible... and potentially useful to therapists of different theoretical persuasions, using different techniques of psychotherapy... This book is a gold mine and is recommended as useful and instructive to persons engaged in the PhotoTherapeutic enterprise... Congratulations, Judy Weiser, and thank you".

-- Stéphanie Z. Dudek, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology Department, University of Montreal and Director of Division 10 (Psychology and the Arts) of the American Psychological Association


FROM: Journal of Medical Humanities; Summer 1994,16:2, pp. 3-4:

       "Using photo-based questioning techniques, we all can learn more about those hidden, mysterious, and otherwise 'quiet' places that are at the core of self-knowledge and our communications with others... A valuable summary and workbook for therapists interested in adding a new dimension to their practice. Anyone reading this book will come to look at photos in a different way."

-- Charles R. Perakis, D.O., Editor, Journal of Medical Humanities


FROM: Newsletter, British Columbia Art Therapy Association; October, 1993,15:3, p. 6:

       "PhotoTherapy Techniques is rich in 'how to' material. It's probably the next best thing to an internship with the author."

-- Liona O'Gorman, Editor, B.C. Art Therapy Association Newsletter

Professional Reviews Have Appeared In:

International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors Digest
American Psychological Association Division Ten (Psychology and the Arts) Newsletter
Canadian Psychological Association (Section on Women and Psychology) Newsletter
International Arts Medicine Association Newsletter
Journal of Medical Humanities
American Art Therapy Journal
American Journal of Art Therapy
Canadian Art Therapy Association Journal
British Columbia Psychological Association Newsletter
B.C. School Counselor's Newsletter
B.C. Art Therapy Association Newsletter

(Unsolicited) Feedback About Book From Readers:
        To add your own book review comments to this page, send these to the PhotoTherapy Centre for consideration.

       "I have finished reading your incredible book PhotoTherapy Techniques and I am completely enthralled by your ideas and techniques. You have opened for me an entirely new arena for therapeutic work with my clients. They and I will benefit from these brilliant avenues for exploration."

-- Toby Newman, MSW, ACSW, LMSW-ACP; Private Practice Therapist, Houston, TX (Aug. 1, 1994)


       "My students love PhotoTherapy and I am so impressed with your work... your book is a marvelous contribution to the field of family therapy... your publications [have] helped enormously".

-- Ellen Horovitz, PhD, Director of Graduate Art Therapy and Associate Professor, Nazareth College, Rochester, NY (Dec. 6, 1999)


       "Judy Weiser’s book uses a predominantly systemic approach to the images themselves and can be highly recommended as an illustration of how systemic thinking could be applied to any images." 

-- Mark Wheeler, Registered Art Psychotherapist and Family Therapist (Dec. 8, 2006)


       "I LOVE THE BOOK! I can't adequately express how meaningful I find every page... The book reflects the philosophy, values, attitudes and perspectives that I believe are integral to working with clients. It is a treasure chest of ideas and strategies but always grounded in a solid framework... You have made an important contribution to therapeutic work. Congratulations!... And thanks for sharing your work with all of us."

-- Laura Andersen, MSW, Director of Social Work, Women's Health Centre, Toronto, Canada (June 2, 1994)


       "In my Masters program, I set up an independent study using your book as the text, and the exercises as the projects... I am overwhelmed at the knowledge, experience and possibilities that you share in it -- it has been an invaluable tool, especially since it includes both psychological theory and concrete ways to apply it. "

-- Lori DeMarre, Clinical Psychology / Art Therapy Masters Program Student, Antioch University, Seattle, WA (March 30, 1998)


       "I believe in the benefits of PhotoTherapy wholeheartedly and have used your book as my bible to guide me through my work. Thank you so much for writing it."

-- Sandra Tyrrell, graduate student, Albertus Magnus College, New Haven, CT (Aug. 16, 2000)


       "Your book sheds a light of acknowledgement on the photographic medium as a valid, valuable and unique tool in the therapeutic realm. I have only begun reading the wealth of information provided in it, but am confident it will become a valued part of my professional library.... The extensive references and recommended readings list [are] immensely beneficial. Thank you."

-- Valerie Covert, Graduate Art Therapy Student, Ventura, CA (Aug. 9, 1994)


       "I have found your text to be fascinating, creative, innovative, and useful in all manner of ways. I read it as part of... learning how to 'read' visually -- the photos at first seemed just an adjunct, but in the process of my research, I became quite fascinated with their use and multiple meanings."

-- Susan Allnutt, graduate student, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada (Aug. 12, 2000)


       "PhotoTherapy will be appreciated more in the future... I enjoyed your book very much and found it to be well-organized and written. Great work!"

-- Charles R. Perakis, D.O., Editor, Journal of Medical Humanities, Biddeford, ME (Aug. 19, 1994)

DVD / Video

ABOUT THE DVD (and Video):

       The Video "PhotoTherapy Techniques" -- which is now available also on DVD -- is a very useful explanation and illustration about what PhotoTherapy techniques are and how they work. It consists of two hours of excerpts put together from various live television interviews and discussions done over many years with PhotoTherapy pioneer Judy Weiser -- plus several "example sessions" of unscripted live-process work done for demonstration purposes.

       In the first half-hour, viewers are given a brief introduction to what PhotoTherapy Techniques are, and why they are so successful. This first part includes several short (and lively!) excerpts from longer interviews or "process" tapes that were felt to best illustrate this work. As the tape progresses, these excerpts grow longer and more complex, to provide greater depth.

       The excerpts shown on the Video/DVD were gathered from many different tapings over many years, and therefore they are not presented in chronological order. Some are from television interviews about PhotoTherapy, while others are from workshop demonstrations or tapings of "live" dialogue by workshop participants who were acting as "clients" for the purpose of role-play demonstration -- and therefore provide spontaneous illustrations of the techniques in "live action".

       Because the PhotoTherapy Centre feels that it would not be ethical to use excerpts from real counseling sessions with clients in order to sell tapes, it is important to clarify here that the people in the experiential portions are not real-life "clients" -- but neither were these excerpts rehearsed or scripted in advance. They are instead "real-life" workshop participants who are role-playing "as if" they were clients: in all cases they knew they were being recorded by the camera (which was about ten feet away!), and the PhotoTherapy Centre has their written permissions on file.

• And, it is ALSO very important to also explain what this Video/DVD is NOT:

It is not a commercially-produced "slick" product, but rather an informal educational one that was put together in response to people's requests to see how these techniques look in action.

      It is not a "training tape", nor is it a "step-by-step" instructional companion to the book "PhotoTherapy Techniques", (although it is hoped that an instructional DVD to accompany the book will be produced next year).

      And it is certainly not professional quality editing, either! In fact it is rather "bumpy" in a few places -- the edits are "rough" and the time between each segment is occasionally a bit longer than desired...

Regardless, it nevertheless still provides an excellent introduction to what PhotoTherapy is, as well as showing some of why and how it works.

• Media inquiries, please click here


      The DVD is available in both the "NTSC" format (used in North America) and the "PAL" format (used in the U.K. and most European locales). The Video is half-inch VHS, and is also available in both formats.

Ordering the DVD:
Note: please select format type used in your country!):
Caversham Bookseller is the world-wide Distributor for the DVD. They accept payment by credit card (and ship world-wide). Order by clicking on the appropriate link below (according to your country's format*), or phone them toll-free at: 1-800-361-6120.

*The cost for the PhotoTherapy DVD depends upon your choice of formats:

a) The North American format DVD ("NTSC") costs $28.95 Canadian dollars (plus shipping and handling); click here to order the NTSC version.

b) The "PAL" format (used in the U.K. and many European and other countries), costs $34.95 Canadian dollars (plus shipping and handling); click here to order the PAL version.

(Note: Please feel free to ask the PhotoTherapy Centre for help if you need more information)


      The Video is available only from the PhotoTherapy Centre -- and please note that only limited supplies remain, because we have now converted to DVD and will not be providing video format in the future.

      The NTSC format costs $29.95, plus $13 for shipping and handling charges (when sent to U.S. or Canada). The PAL format costs $34.95, and shipping cost will depend on location sent to.

All Videotapes are shipped in a double-padded envelope and sent by regular airmail. Please contact the PhotoTherapy Centre to learn shipping costs before sending payment.


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