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    PhotoTherapy techniques
  are therapy practices that use people's personal snapshots, family albums, and pictures taken by others (and the feelings, thoughts, memories, and associations these photos evoke) as catalysts to deepen insight and enhance communication during their therapy or counseling  sessions (conducted by trained mental health professionals), in ways not possible using words alone.

(Photo-Art-Therapy techniques are therapy practices based on a specialized adaptation of PhotoTherapy techniques done only by professional Art Therapists who have had additional training in using imagery during their own "art-during-therapy" interventions) -- while the use of photo-art interactive activities by Art Therapists using the "art-as-therapy" model instead (similar to "Therapeutic Photography" techniques below) is named "Therapeutic Photo-Art-Making Activities").

     Therapeutic Photography techniques are photographic practices done by people themselves (or their helpers) in situations where the skills of a trained therapist or counselor are not needed -- for example, where photo-interactive activities are used to increase people's own self-knowledge, awareness, and well-being, improve their relationships with family and others, activate positive social change, reduce social exclusion, assist rehabilitation, strengthen communities, deepen intercultural relations, lessen conflict, bring attention to issues of social injustice, sharpen visual literacy skills, enhance education, expand qualitative research and prevention methodologies, and produce other kinds of photo-based personal/emotional healing and learning.

* Not limited to "paper photographs", these techniques can be used with any kind of photographic imagery, both paper and digital, both still and moving -- therefore also including applications in VideoTherapy, Video Art Therapy, and/or Therapeutic Videography ("Therapeutic Film-making") work, digital or mobile phone photography, DVDs, and films -- as well as newer technologies yet to be invented...

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